This proposal promotes the territorial and institutional decentralization pursuing the growth and consolidation of our public institutions scientific and academic community who seek the constant promotion of the healthy behavior involving sport and physical activity as significant actors in the comprehensive development of the human being. All this through research projects, mobility of students and professors, bachelor’s degree and postgraduate academic programs, among other strategies.

The general objective of the thematic network “Health behavior with quality sport” proposes the generation, integration and development of a researcher’s network in the area of sport psychology and physical activity, with the objective of promoting the generation and application of knowledge in this area. This will enable the promotion of the good practices of sport psychology consultancy, the promotion of comprehensive development through quality training in physical activity and sport, the creation of an International Network with research and academy groups to make impact in the promotion of health behaviors from the psychological view, the promotion of educational programs development, as well as the promotion of a productive relationship with the public and private sector.

Currently, the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, who proposes the Network creation, is a reference point for research and human resources formation in the psychology area. All due to its professors, researchers and applied psychologists who were willing to train specialists going beyond borders to fuel that area. Besides the UANL, there are other institutions committed to such growth and their participation is reflected in different events. The main states of Mexico investing more on continuing training are Yucatan, Guadalajara and Chihuahua.