Line objectives

To create the academic mobility of students and professors in the educational programs renowned in the Padrón Nacional de Posgrados de Calidad, that promotes quality scientific products, and, through a relevance and feasibility study, analyze the possibility of creating an interinstitutional program.

Activities to be performed

– Students and professors mobility
– Scientific publications in important magazines or renowned editorials.
– Feasibility and relevance study of postgraduate studies in Sports and Physical Activity Psychology.
– Interinstitutional postgraduate studies.
– Academic and research update and training.

To all members of Reddeca: We want to inform you that we just received a batch of books, these books have been financed by REDDECA and they’re available for borrowing.


On July 22, the Doctorate Thesis Defense of the student Abril Cantú Berrueto (active member of Reddeca) was performed, she became the 14th graduate from the Inter-institutional Doctorate Program of FOD. Congratulations! The title of the Doctorate Thesis Defense was “Interpersonal Style of the Trainer, Psychologic Mediator Processes, Comfort and Discomfort in Undergraduate Athletes” The thesis was directed by Dr. Isabel Castillo from Universidad de Valencia, Spain and Dr. Jeanette M. López Walle from Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León. The jury for the Thesis Defense was conformed by Dr. Isabel Balaguer, Dr. Inés Tomás Marco, Dr. Xochitl Ortix, Dr. Raquel Morquecho, and Dr. Jorge Isabel Zamarripa, who, unanimously, approved the thesis. The Thematic Network “Healthy Behavior with Quality Sports” Redecca congratulates her. Congratulations, Dr. Abril Cantú, we wish you continued success.

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