Goals 2016

  1. A website available in Spanish and English, with updated catalogs.
  2. Agreements, minutes and reports about two national reunions and an international event.
  3. Students, professionals and researchers mobility.
  4. Scientific publications (books, book chapters, articles, extended reports) co-written along with two network members, making sure to collaborate with at least one international member.
  5. A national applied research program that prevents the physical inactivity problem.
  6. To redesign the Sports Psychology master’s degree, based on the feasibility and relevance study, carried out within the first year in which the network started, taking into account national and international members in the teaching staff.
  7. Empowering Coaching™ training for managers.

If you want to actively participate in the accomplishment of any of our Network goals, send us an email to contacto@reddeca.com