REDDECA members are considered based on the Reference Terms of the Thematic Network Call of the CONACYT (National Council of Science and Technology). For that reason, we’ll present a list for each of them, as well as special sections for the Academic Technical Committee and for the Research Groups that the network members belong to.

Research Members: These members will carry out the operation and basic actions of the subprograms or activities in the Networks. In this case, foreign researchers can be included.

External Members: People from different society areas, like technologists, business owners or other people interested in the binding participation of the Network.

Student Members: Those members that participate in association with research members of the Thematic Network for their improvement.

Technical and Academic Committee. Research Professors that coordinate in a collegial way each of the Action Lines to accomplish the goals of the Thematic Network.

Research Groups: Those are the groups that the Network members belong to, as long as their actions impact in the Network goals.